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[Limited Time Offer‧ Buy 3 Get 1 Free] New Year’s Day is the time to buy new pants! Except for the meaning of “rich and rich” on the left, you can have a new start from the inside to the outside, and feel refreshed! If the pair of pants has antibacterial function, it will be even more perfect! Wacoal hopes to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new start this year, and I place an order with me through Wacoal HongKong’s Facebook (or IG) Inbox Messenger to buy the “Pure Shorts” series of antibacterial panties, and enjoy a buy 3 get 1 free discount!

Pure Shorts antibacterial panties:

 Using Protimo antibacterial agent, micron-level processing method, and natural kneading with the yarn, has a permanent and excellent “antibacterial” and “clean taste” effect
 Protimo has been tested by Japanese safety agencies and proved to be safe and non-irritatingTests have proved that the antibacterial effect on “Staphylococcus aureus” and “Trichophyton mentagrophytes” is particularly significant
 Back panel front seam for better tolerance

Product code GS1114
Style: 13cm low rise style
Size: M / L / LL
specified color combination: four-color (LJ, UR, V6, BL
Price: HK $ 58 / article
Price: HK $ 174/4 pieces ( Designated color combination, must be the same size)

Product Code: GS1134
Style: 18cm Mid-waistFork Style 
Size: M / L / LL
Designated Color Combination: Four Colors (LJ, UR, V6, BL)
Price: HK$62/piece
Price: HK $ 186/4 strip (designated color combination, have the same size)

Product code: GS1144
style: 18cm waist standard style
Size: M / L / LL / 3L
specified color combination: four-color (LJ, UR, V6 , BL)
Price: HK $ 65 / article
Price: HK $ 195/4 bar (specified color combinations, have the same size)

Product code: GS1154
style: 23cm waist style
Size: M / L / LL / 3L
Designated color Combination: Four colors (LJ, UR, V6, BL)
Price: HK$68/piece
Special price: HK$204/ 4pieces (designated color combination, must be the same size )

* Payme or bank payment, please check with customer service staff for details.(Subject to terms and conditions)

#Wacoal genuine guarantee

The offer period is limited. Click the link below to go to Messenger immediately to learn more about the offer!

Wacoal HongKong Messenger

Service Scope:
Only for Hong Kong orders.

Shipping fee: Free shipping service for purchases over HK$500.
Less than HK$500, the customer will need to bear the freight (SF Express)

Payment method:
PAYME (PAYME payment link provided by Wacoal) /
Bank transfer-Bank account number: HSBC (004) 404-204828-292 (Bank transfer records are required )
* after we confirm receipt of your payment will be arranged within five working days send goods

loyalty points and promotions: NA

return and replacement: do not accept returns

delivery time: orders Chanyu next 4-5 months Delivery within working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays). The products are delivered by the courier company to the specified address on your order. The scope of delivery is currently limited to industrial and commercial or residential addresses in Hong Kong (except for restricted areas). Please note that delivery will be done from Monday to Saturday (business addresses are only available for delivery on working days) Working days do not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please ensure that the delivery address and consignee name provided are correct. The estimated delivery time is for reference only and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate. It may delay the process due to issues with order processing, payment confirmation and delivery information. Wacoal is not responsible for any delays.

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